This service is designed to create HTML-images for Skype.

Do you want to make an impression, surprise your friends or just have a fun?
As you maybe know it is not possible to paste images directly into Skype chat. But old versions of program can transfer html-code, which can be used to draw images!
Here are REAL screenshots of our images from Skype chat:

We have seriously investigated to provide you maximum functionality:

- we generate optimized and compact HTML-code and can create really big images.
- we automatically create image with maximum width and height for defined quality, code always fits maximum message size for Skype.
- don't want to search for an image in Internet? You can select one from our gallery!

How it works?

Attention! HTML-images in Skype work fine only on Windows machines!
Currently you can send HTML image only from Skype version < 5.8. Images generated by other versions are still displayed correctly in Skype 5.8.

Paste image URL or just click image in gallery, then press SUMBIT and code is ready.
Copy code into Skype chat, press and keep Shift+Ctrl and click with mouse "Send message":


You can configure quality and size of generated image.

High resolution. If checked - image will have smaller pixels and higher resolution. Otherwise image will be bigger but lower quality.

Example. Left - normal image, right - high resolution image.

Quality/size. This parameter defines different formulas of color comparsion, which provide best quality or bigger size.

Color processing quality. This parameter defines error of color comparsion. If error is small then image is more accurate but has smaller size.


Idea of service is taken from We offer more options and more perfect code.